I have seen quite a few youtube videos of people testing out dollar store makeup and I thought why not hop on the trend and write a blog post about it.

I did a bit of shopping about two weeks ago and purchased an eyeshadow palette, two lipsticks as well as a contour, highlight and blush palette. The products do look a bit messy since I have tried to do a few looks in them however the quality is not the greatest so they did not last very long.

The eyeshadow palette

When purchasing this palette at first I was convinced that the pigmentation was not going to be strong however, I was wrong. Even though the packaging was not very sturdy and it was a bit chalky I was shocked with how much colour managed to get on my finger after one swipe. The palette is a blue/green theme with a few shimmer shades.

Highlight, Contour & Blush

Next I went and purchased a highlight palette which included contour and blush too. Again the packaging is not very sturdy and cracks very easily and the quality is quite chunky (as you can tell by the swatches). The highlighter was my favourite, very glowy!


The two lipsticks that I got are probably the worst products here ahah. After applying them a few times the actual stick itself became loose and it dented really easily. The cap was very easy to crack and it is quite chunky, however the shades look pretty nice and the pigment is decent. I am pretty proud that it lasts on the lips for quite a while.

Creating an overall look / My opinion

I created a blue smokey eye look and of course used the pink lipstick along with the face palette. Blending the eyeshadow was not a problem at all in fact it was very easy to apply and blend however there was a bit of fall out which to be honest does not bother me quite a lot. The face palette definitely defined my face and brought the look together. When putting on the lipstick it was a bit dry and chunky but I tried to apply it with a small defaulted brush and surprisingly it worked out! Overall I would not recommend this even to beginners, if you are starting to get into makeup then I would definitely go for drugstore makeup such as affordable brands like Essence makeup, Maybelline and ELF makeup. I hope you all enjoyed!

QOTD: Have you ever tried dollar store makeup, if so what are your thoughts on it? If you haven’t, would you?

Batool xoxo


    1. Thank you for reading! The pigmentation was very good for something as low as a dollar but after posting this blog post I’ve stayed away from them due to the weird scent the products have and I get scared from whatever chemicals are inside. Better to stay away from them. Totally agree with you, there’s always a chance of getting rashes and flakes.


    1. Thank you! Yes it had incredible pigment, I usually like to stay away from dollar store makeup as the scent is always a little off and I don’t really trust the chemicals inside, hopefully that made sense haha.


  1. Honestly it seems like the swatches weren’t too bad! It sucks it didn’t work out but the drugstore has sooo many affordable and high quality products so at least we still have those options.
    P.S. You should definitely include a picture of your look in your next post like this 🙂

    Kimberly |

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